5 Tips for Staying Sober During This Thanksgiving Holiday

5 Tips for Staying Sober During this Thanksgiving Holiday

The Thanksgiving holiday is a time when friends and family come together to give thanks for all the wonderful things in their lives. But it also holds the potential to be a challenging time for anyone who struggles with alcohol or substance use. If you are sober, staying that way during this holiday can be very difficult. Here are some tips on how to stay sober during the Thanksgiving holiday:

Find the Right People to Spend Time With That Support Your Recovery Goals

It’s important to spend time with people who support your goals of sobriety. That way you don’t feel the pressure to drink if others around you are doing so. You may also want to be around people who understand what you are going through and offer support and encouragement as you navigate your recovery journey. That may mean spending time with other sober people or others in recovery. If you are attending a gathering where people are drinking, you may want to avoid people who want you to drink. And if you find yourself in a situation where you are feeling pressured to drink, actively resist those pressures. Direct your attention to other people who are supportive of your sobriety.

Host Your Own Thanksgiving Gathering Where You Can Curate Your Own Safe, Sober Experience

If you are worried about how you will stay sober during the Thanksgiving holiday, one way to address this issue is to host your own gathering. You can choose the people you want to invite and create a safe, sober environment. That way you don’t have to worry about navigating the challenges of being around people who are drinking. One drawback to hosting a sober Thanksgiving gathering is that you may not be able to fully engage in the holiday experience with your family. This may be stressful to some people, so weigh your options before moving forward on hosting your own gathering. If it feels like it will be too much additional stress, don’t host. 

Don’t Isolate Yourself

Find ways to engage with the larger group and still feel connected to the holiday experience without having to drink. It may also help to make arrangements with family members to meet with them during the day before the drinking kicks in. If you are attending a gathering where people are drinking, try to create a connection with the sober people at the gathering so you don’t feel isolated. If you are feeling pressured to drink, try to divert your attention and focus on something else. Engage with other sober people at the gathering instead of the people who are drinking. If you find yourself feeling isolated, try to find ways to engage with the larger group without drinking.

Bring Your Own Nonalcoholic Beverage

You can bring your own nonalcoholic beverage which may help you feel more comfortable and engaged with the group. If you are attending a gathering where people are drinking, it’s definitely within your power to bring your own nonalcoholic beverage. And remember that you don’t owe anyone an explanation for bringing your own drinks. Instead, engage with other sober people at the gathering and try to create a sense of community with them.

Plan Your Exit Before You Arrive

Come up with an exit strategy ahead of time so you don’t get caught up in the moment and stay longer than you want to. This will help you avoid feeling trapped and make an early exit if you need to. You are not required to stay anywhere longer than you feel comfortable regardless of how anyone feels about you leaving early. Maintaining your sobriety and your boundaries takes top priority.

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