How to Live Sober in Houston, TX

Houston is an amazing and diverse city with countless options for entertainment, dining, education, healthcare and socializing.

Houston is an amazing and diverse city with countless options for entertainment, dining, education, healthcare, socializing and more. If you’re new to the Houston area or you are starting fresh with a new sober lifestyle, Houston is an exceptional place to be.

Learning how to live sober anywhere can be a challenge, but our comprehensive guide on how to live sober in Houston, TX provides helpful information, resources, and tools to make the adjustment easier.

What are the Challenges of Living Sober in Houston?

In any major city, the nightlife scene will be dominated by bars and clubs, which are hotspots for alcohol and drug abuse. Unfortunately, Houston is no exception. The city is also located right on the Gulf of Mexico and sits near the border of Mexico, providing ample opportunities for drug smuggling, dealing, sex trafficking, and other illegal activities related to substance abuse.

Fortunately, there are many addiction treatment services and recovery support programs available to combat the drug problems in the city and there is plenty of fun sober recreation available to fill your days and nights.

What Kind of Addiction Recovery Treatment Services Are Available in Houston?

If you’re thinking about getting sober, Houston is a great place to do it. Although it may be possible for you to get sober on your own without rehab, you are much more likely to lead a satisfying and lasting sober lifestyle with comprehensive, individualized treatment and professional support.

Addiction is a chronic, relapsing disease of the brain.1 There is no single cure or recovery method that works for everyone and quitting cold turkey often results in relapse. People progress through treatment programs at various rates but research studies on addiction treatment show that good outcomes are subject to adequate treatment length. Generally, for inpatient or outpatient treatment, treatment lasting 90 days or longer is recommended to maintain positive outcomes.2

If your goal is to get sober and stay that way, you will most likely need to complete multiple episodes of treatment. The following types of addiction treatment programs are highly recommended, depending on the severity of your addiction(s), your treatment needs, and your current circumstances.

  • Medical detox – A medical detox program will help you overcome your physical dependence and addiction to a drug. Medication-assisted treatment can reduce the severity and duration of withdrawal symptoms, and when combined with clinical counseling, can also help you deal with psychological withdrawal symptoms like depression and anxiety.
  • Residential drug rehab – Residential addiction treatment offers a temporary, gender-specific home for people in recovery. Clients adhere to a structured daily schedule consisting of group meetings, individual counseling, family counseling, and personal time for reflection, exercise, meals, and more. High-quality programs use evidence-based treatment methods like cognitive behavioral therapy, contingency management, creative arts therapy, music therapy, 12-Step facilitation therapy, and more to provide a personalized and results-driven approach to treatment.
  • Intensive outpatientIOP offers structured addiction treatment meetings and clinical counseling. Meetings are held in a secure location several times a week and clients may continue to work, go to school, or maintain other personal responsibilities while they complete treatment. It is ideal for people who are transitioning out of residential treatment or who have less severe addictions.
  • Supportive outpatient – SOP is a short-term outpatient treatment program that meets several times a week for about 30 days. Each group session features recovery-focused discussion topics, like relapse prevention techniques, risks for relapse, unhealthy vs. healthy behavior patterns, and more. SOP can also be combined with other recovery support services like a peer monitoring program.

Sober Living Homes in Houston

Sober Living Homes in Houston

When combined with recovery support services and treatment, sober living homes can also be a great resource and help to people who are recovering from addiction. Research studies support this claim and have shown that residents who are enrolled in IOP or outpatient treatment while living at a sober living home are more likely to experience positive results, including sustained sobriety, the development of supportive peer relationships, and stable employment.3

Enrolling in IOP and sober living simultaneously is ideal because it can provide substantial support, accountability, and resources for men and women in all stages of recovery. Eudaimonia operates a men’s sober living home in Houston that is fully furnished, very spacious, and provides four different room options to meet your needs and personal preferences.

Our sober living home is located in the Houston Heights, which is a historic and vibrant community with plenty of things to do, ample employment options, and easy access to public transportation.

Our sober living home in Houston is also about five miles south of Houston Community College and near several major outdoor recreation areas and parks, like Discovery Green, Buffalo Bayou Park, and Woodland Park.

How Do I Find a Sober Living Home in Houston, TX?

If you are searching for sober living homes in Houston, making a decision can sometimes seem overwhelming. Our guide on sober living homes in Houston is an excellent resource that will help you:

  • Differentiate between the types of recovery residences
  • Understand what types of recovery support services are offered at sober living homes
  • Review the rules and requirements of sober living homes
  • Understand the benefits of a sober living home
  • Estimate the cost of a sober living home
  • Determine the top five things to look for in a sober living home

Check our guide below to start your search for a Houston sober living home.

Sober in the City: A Guide to Sober Living Homes and Halfway Houses in Houston, TX

recovery meeting

What Kind of Recovery Meetings Are in Houston?

Recovery meetings and mutual help groups can help people achieve sobriety, but more often than not, they help people sustain it. Attending recovery meetings regularly can help you engage with other sober people, make sober friends, establish a recovery support system outside of rehab, and continue to grow on a personal level after you have completed a formal treatment program.

There are many different local recovery group meetings in Houston, including the following:

Due to the COVID-19 emergency, recovery meetings may not be available to attend right now. Please check with the meeting organizer about the status of the meeting before attending. If you cannot attend a meeting in person, you may want to consider going to an online meeting for the time being. Many of the groups listed above offer online group meetings that you can attend from the comfort of your own home.

What Kind of Collegiate Recovery Groups Are in Houston?

Collegiate recovery groups help students in recovery to balance the challenges of getting a college education and being sober while still having an authentic college experience on or off-campus.

All collegiate recovery programs are different, but many identify as student-run organizations or clubs. Others may be associated with the college or university’s counseling center, student affairs, or wellness center.

If you are a sober college student in Houston, the following campus resources may be available to you.

The Cougars in Recovery at the University of Houston hosts weekly peer process group meetings, annual collegiate recovery conferences for student members, and an outdoor learning experience every semester. Sober students can also apply to live in recovery housing, get additional scholarships, attend on-campus 12-step meetings, and participate in recovery tailgating events, among many other activities.

Employment Opportunities for People in Recovery in Houston

Houston is one of the best cities to start over after rehab and secure a new career as a sober individual. According to WalletHub’s 2019 list of the best and worst cities to start a career, Houston ranks as one of the top 100.4 Some sober living homes in Houston also offer employment assistance and educational planning services to help you get off on the right track after rehab.

If you choose to stay in Houston after you complete rehab and sober living, you’re likely to benefit financially from renting an apartment or buying a house. According to the U.S. News & World Report, the median home sale price in Houston is lower than other similar metro areas and the overall cost of living in Houston is lower than the national average too. With the median monthly rent being $995 and the city’s average annual salary at $53,820, it’s hard to beat such great value in a large city.5

friends on a picnic

What Are Some Fun Sober Activities in Houston?

There are so many great sober activities to be found in Houston and it’s nearly impossible to be bored. Here is just a small sampling for you.

Evelyn’s Park

Learn More About Sober Living in Houston

If you’d like to learn more about sober living homes and recovery support services in Houston, call (512) 363-5914 to speak with a Eudaimonia Recovery Homes representative. We are happy to answer any additional questions you have and we are always available to assist you with the enrollment process if you choose to enroll in a sober living program.


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