New Eudaimonia Sober Living App Fosters a Successful and Fun Recovery Experience

Promoting both a fun and successful recovery experience for sober living residents!

Sober living homes are an essential part of the addiction recovery process for millions of Americans. However, too often, sober living residents fall off the bandwagon due to a lack of support, structure, and accountability.

Simply providing people in recovery with sober housing isn’t enough, so Eudaimonia Recovery Homes is proud to introduce a brand new sober living app. We created this app to encourage full recovery engagement by streamlining program requirements and tasks. It also enables residents to easily communicate with staff and track their progress as they work through their recovery programs. This promotes both a fun and successful recovery experience for sober living residents!

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The Eudaimonia sober living app delivers several main functions, including:

  1. Engaging with residents by providing timely help and support. Sober living residents can report a concern, get help for a friend, or receive addiction treatment quickly, based on their circumstances and needs.
  2. Providing sober living property information. This includes general resident guidelines and cleanliness standards of the home, details about the associated city transit system, and a maintenance request portal. It also allows clients to easily provide notice of departure or request a payment plan.
  3. Making it easy for clients to fully engage with their recovery program by providing weekly and facility check-ins, a full schedule of events for each sober living home, a tracking system for rewards, nearby recovery meetings, schools, and employment opportunities, and medication updates to avoid false positives on drug tests.
  4. Encouraging residents to engage with sober peers by providing a calendar of social events, a scheduling tool to easily organize outings with other residents, and even a sign-up sheet for sponsorship. Residents can also use the app to access online versions of the Big Book, 12 & 12, Daily Reflections, and a nightly review template.
  5. Making progress fun with a score-keeping game based on points awarded for completing program tasks. Residents accrue points every time they attend recovery meetings, complete check-ins and drug tests, and attend house meetings. Clients can even choose an avatar and trade in their points for rewards like extended curfews and overnight passes.

As we uncover additional needs among our sober living residents, we’ll continue adding new exciting features that will help us deliver on our promise to provide a fun and successful recovery experience at Eudaimonia Recovery Homes.

The Eudaimonia sober living app is now available for Android and iOS.

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