Stay Clear of Addictive Substances & Live Happily

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Staying away from addictive drugs during the relapse period is a hard task. There are too many temptations around us all the time and it is very easy to give in and become addicted again. Hence, it is very necessary that you train yourself from staying away from these relapse triggers like a place, a type of event, a person, or any kind of experience that activates a craving for the drugs.

At Eudaimonia Recovery Center we help our clients by training them to stay strong during the relapse period. Our treatments include therapy, group counseling, and so on. Although these relapse triggers are common in any given situation, you have several other choices to stay in control.

Find Out Environmental Factors & Move Away

If you feel like you need a new place to cope with your recovery, you should move away. Especially from the very environment where your addiction started. Environmental factors are one of the most common reasons behind relapse. Most people who’re recovering from alcohol or substance addictions feel uncomfortable going back home. If you feel the same way, you can register with Eudaimonia’s residential rehab program until your relapse period is completed or at least until your personal consultant says you’re ok to go back into your normal life.

Don’t Stay Alone & Emotionally Charged

During the recovery process, it is important that you have someone to support you. It could be your spouse or your whole family. Share with them your progress. Explain to them how relapse triggers and withdrawal symptoms work. Only if they understand what you go through, will they help you from fighting against your urges.

Also, keep up a good attitude during the recovery period. The withdrawal symptoms can take a toll on your body and if you develop a negative attitude during that painful period, things could get out of hand and you may hurt yourself or even others. Always remember that you’re recovering and everything that bothers you is just a natural thing, happening around you.

HALT: Hungry, Angry, Lonely, Tired is Not the Way

These four words symbolize the actual states your body is in. Like we said in the previous point, keeping up a positive attitude is necessary. These four basic human needs can lead to, or even intensify relapse triggers if your cravings are not met. You might see people resorting to having a smoke whenever they feel tense. That puff of smoke when you have during the rehab period is a relapse.

Controlling these states takes a bit of practice and also knowing what your body wants at any given time. to make it easy, make sure you are mindful all the time, seek out social support, and stick to a regular sleep schedule.

Get Employment Support

Finally, find your work-life balance and stick to it. You can also ask for assistance from your employers and colleagues. Show them your recovery progress and ask employers to support you. If you are making progress with your health, they will surely support your efforts.

Eudaimonia Can Help Keep You on the Path to Recovery

At Eudaimonia Recovery Homes, we know the struggle of trying to achieve and maintain sobriety. However, long-term sobriety is possible for every person in recovery despite the unique challenges they may be facing. With sober living homes located in Houston and Austin, Texas, and Colorado Springs, CO, Eudaimonia can provide essential recovery support services to help you or a loved one achieve lifelong sobriety. Call us today at (512) 580-3131 or contact us online for more information.

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