Where to Meet Sober Friends in Colorado Springs, CO

In difficult times, it’s helpful to be reminded of all the good things that came as a result of getting sober.

When you get sober, it takes time to rebuild your social life. Socializing sober might not be first on your priority list, but as you get more comfortable in your sobriety, it’s important to make an effort to get social.

Letting go of old, harmful relationships and building new, healthy ones is a process. Although it can be challenging to get out and make new friends, having healthy relationships is one of the important building blocks of sustaining your sobriety. 

Having sober friends who are supportive of your recovery will make it easier to go out and socialize, get through life’s challenges, and support one another through the normal ups and downs of daily life. Establishing a sober social circle can also promote feelings of belonging in a community of like-minded individuals.

If you’re new to Colorado Springs or you’re just looking for ways to meet sober friends in the area, there are plenty of options out there for you. Here are just a few of the best ways to meet sober friends in Colorado Springs.

1. Attend group events hosted by your sober living home.

Most sober living homes host fun social events for residents. These events are excellent opportunities to get to know your sober housemates and develop friendships. They are free, fun, and provide a stress-free environment to practice socializing without alcohol or drugs. Examples of past events hosted by Eudaimonia Recovery Homes include movie nights, UFC watch parties, flag football games, potlucks, and more.

2. Go to AA meetings in Colorado Springs.

If you’re enrolled as a resident at a Eudaimonia sober living home in Colorado Springs, you’ll be required to attend local recovery meetings while you’re living at the sober home. These meetings can be hosted by 12-Step fellowships or through another type of recovery meeting, like SMART Recovery or LifeRing Secular Recovery. Although this is a program requirement for residents, it’s also a great way to connect with other sober individuals nearby. You can even work on finding an AA sponsor while you’re at it.

To find nearby meetings in Colorado Springs, check our directory of AA meetings in Colorado Springs and non-12-Step meetings below.

GroupMeetings DetailsContact InfoMeeting Schedule
Alcoholics AnonymousIn-person and online(719) 573-5020
Adult Children of AlcoholicsOnline (310) 534-1815adultchildren.org/meeting-search
Cocaine AnonymousIn-person(866) 647-9595casoco.org/meetings-2/colorado-springs
Crystal Meth AnonymousIn-person(720) 295-4409crystalmeth.org/cma-meetings/cma-meetings-directory/3151-colorado.html 
Narcotics AnonymousIn-person and online(719) 637-1580nacolorado.org/cospgs/meetings
Nicotine AnonymousIn-person and online(469) 737-9304
GroupMeetings DetailsContact InfoMeeting Schedule
Freethinkers in AAOnline719-593-1658
LifeRing Secular RecoveryIn-person and online1 800-811-4142
SMART RecoveryIn-person and onlineinformation@smartrecovery.orgsmartrecoverytest.org/local
Secular Organization for SobrietyOnlinesos@cfiwest.orgsossobriety.org/on-line-groups 
Women for SobrietyIn-person(215) 536-8026

**Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many Colorado Springs AA meetings and other recovery group meetings have transitioned online. While some meetings may still be held in-person, they are likely to require masks and appropriate social distancing per the current CDC guidelines and local regulations. Please visit the URL provided to verify whether a recovery group is still meeting and whether meetings will be held in-person, online, or both.

3. Volunteer for a local organization.

As a resident of a Eudaimonia sober living home, you’ll also be required to volunteer locally. Not only is this a program requirement for sober living, but it’s also an excellent way to connect with other sober people and give back to your community. If you’re not sure where to volunteer, ask your sober house manager for suggestions, connect with other residents in your sober living home to discuss possible options, or consider your interests and any connections you already have locally. Good options could include the local food bank, a church, or an animal rescue.

4. Join a sports league for adults.

If you enjoy playing sports, Colorado Springs has several options for organized adult sports leagues. Playing sports is a great way to make new friends, get some great exercise, and boost those endorphins. If Colorado Springs doesn’t already have a sober sports league for adults, consider starting one! There may be several other residents at your sober living home or in your 12-Step group that are interested in joining too.

5. Check out alcohol-free activities and events in Colorado Springs.

There are plenty of fun things to do in Colorado Springs that don’t involve alcohol or drugs. Stay busy, have fun, and meet new friends while you’re out and about checking out some of these cool attractions and events in Colorado Springs:

6. Find groups of people who share similar interests online.

If you haven’t used MeetUp.com, it’s a great way to find small groups of people who share your interests. In some cases, they may be living a sober life too. Search their list of Colorado Springs MeetUp groups to find other sober people, work from home, practice yoga and meditation, meet every week to go bowling, or share whatever interests and hobbies you’re into too.

7. Join a local mountaineering club.

One of the best parts of being sober in Colorado Springs is the beautiful landscape that surrounds you. If you like the outdoors and you want to meet new people, joining a local mountaineering club is a great way to meet people who like outdoor activities. Spending time outdoors also has many physical and psychological benefits for people in recovery. So get outside and enjoy those beautiful mountains right outside your window.

8. Take a local art class.

Whether you enjoy woodworking, painting, sculpting, crafting, or cooking, taking a local art class is a fun way to spend your free time and stay busy. You’re also bound to meet other people there who share some of your interests.

If you recently completed a drug rehab program and you’re looking for sobriety support and sober friends, enrolling in a sober living program is a great way to find both. Eudaimonia Recovery Homes operates a safe, sober, and comfortable sober living home in Colorado Springs where you can find structured support services, sober peers, and a comfortable drug and alcohol-free living environment.

Call (512) 363-5914 to get started today and speak with one of our helpful admissions representatives about our sober living home in Colorado Springs, CO.

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