Life After Rehab: Benefits of Sober Living Facilities in Texas

Sober living provides helpful, more flexible structure during your transition from inpatient treatment to independent living.

Your inpatient addiction treatment is ending and it’s time to decide on your next step. Whether you’re already located in the state or looking for a fresh start, consider sober living facilities in Texas.

Why Choose a Sober Living Environment?

Early recovery can be challenging, especially if you are returning to a home environment that fosters alcohol and drug abuse. After rehab, it’s essential that you safeguard your sobriety by intentionally choosing to live in a sober and supportive environment where you will be encouraged to maintain your sobriety and held accountable by others. Sober living homes are designed especially for this purpose.

What Sober Living Facilities in Texas Can Do for You

After the high levels of monitoring and support of inpatient rehab are gone, it’s sometimes more challenging to stay in recovery without some type of structure. Sober living provides helpful, more flexible structure during your transition from inpatient treatment to independent living.1

Monitoring: Sober living facilities in Texas monitor people as they settle into life after inpatient rehab. While sober homes don’t offer the 24/7 monitoring of residential treatment, there’s enough supervision to ensure a safe and substance-free environment. Supervision includes drug and alcohol screenings on a regular basis. Assigned program coordinators provide further monitoring and guidance to smooth the transition.

Support: Group counseling sessions provide everyone with comfortable levels of therapeutic support. The peer support received from other residents, who know what it’s like to have an addiction, helps maintain recovery. Many people leave sober living facilities in Texas with lifelong friends.

Structure: While living in a sober living environment, all residents are involved in work, school or other productive pursuits.

Where to Live After Rehab: Benefits of Living in Texas

After rehab, choosing where you should live is a major part of the recovery process, especially if you don’t plan to return to your hometown. As a person in recovery, it’s important that you find a new home that suits your personal growth and sobriety goals. A great city for recovery should have ample education and employment options, high-quality addiction treatment and recovery support programs for ongoing care, and a variety of fun and interesting things for sober people to do.

Texas is a great place for sober living and several Texas cities have been identified as America’s biggest “boomtowns.” According to the personal finance website MagnifyMoney, the cities were ranked by analyzing data from a five-year period between 2011 and 2016 and three different categories: population and housing, workforce and earnings, and business growth. A score of 100 is the highest score possible in each category, and the scores for each city were averaged together for a final ranking. Based on those rankings, five different cities in Texas were in the top 15.3

  • Houston, Texas: Ranked #11

Population and housing score: 77.7

Workforce and earnings score: 41.9

Business growth score: 43.9

  • McAllen, Texas: Ranked #10

Population and housing score: 60.3

Workforce and earnings score: 62.2

Business growth score: 44.3

  • San Antonio, Texas: Ranked #9

Population and housing score: 57.2

Workforce and earnings score: 45.4

Business growth score: 64.5

  • Dallas, Texas: Ranked #7

Population and housing score: 61.4

Workforce and earnings score: 48.7

Business growth score: 64.4

  • Austin, Texas: Ranked #1

Population and housing score: 100

Workforce and earnings score: 70.3

Business growth score: 93

Aside from these rankings, there are many other benefits to living in Texas, such as:

  • The cost of living is lower in Texas than in many other states.
  • There is no state income tax in Texas.
  • Texas is home to six of the 20 biggest cities in the U.S.
  • Texas is very family-friendly due to its good-value housing.
  • The weather in Texas is warm and pleasant year-round.
  • More Texas residents report being satisfied with their home state than residents in other states.
  • The tech industry in Texas is booming, with more than 270,000 people employed in tech in the state.4,5,6

Eudaimonia Recovery Homes operates several sober living facilities in Texas for adults in recovery. In fact, our Austin and Houston sober living homes are perfect for people in recovery who are looking to make a fresh start.

Sober Living in Texas: When You’re a Texas Local

When you live in the state, staying local at one of the many sober living facilities in Texas keeps you close to home. By living near family and friends, you can ease back into relationships with loved ones at your own pace. If you feel tempted to visit favorite taverns or places where you bought or used drugs, the random drug/alcohol screenings are motivations to stay abstinent.2

Sober Living in Texas: When You’re Looking for a Fresh Start

If you’re entering one of the many reputable sober living facilities in Texas from another state, you’ll enjoy a fresh start in a new place. Having a fresh start in a new state will help you develop healthier social circles, find local support systems, try new things, and start creating the new life you want to have in sobriety. If you went to inpatient treatment in Texas and want to stay in the state longer, choosing a sober living home in Texas is an ideal way to put down roots.

Make the Leap Back into Society with the Help of a Texas Sober Living Home

Whatever your situation, Texas has many different areas to choose from to fit your lifestyle. Whether you’re a native or a newcomer, choosing one of the sober living facilities in Texas means living in a beautiful, thriving state where you can build a new life in recovery.


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